This is the true story of when I realized my childhood imaginary friend was actually a ghost! Also doubles as a good campfire story
  1. So before my parents had my youngest sibling, we lived in a apartment and I would always play with this girl named Sarah.
  2. She was my best friend and we would play barbies together and she would come with me everywhere- my parents said that they would always notice me talking Sarah. Even if they couldn't hear any responses from her when we were talking, I have very vivid memories of having conversations with her.
  3. SIDE NOTE - I didn't know this at the time, but my mother was 10 weeks pregnant (and not showing at all) with my brother and one day....
  4. We were in the car and all of the sudden 4 year old me said
    "Where are we going?" "The doctor." "To check on the baby? Sarah told me you're having a boy."
  5. My mom was shocked. My dad and her had made a point to not tell me until later that day because
  6. We weren't going to get ice cream, we were going to the doctor to find out if her baby was a boy or girl. (It was a boy!)
  7. I remember Sarah telling me this, and a lot of other things. She was 10. The day we were leaving the apartment and moving to the new house, I was in the bathroom and there she was. Standing there, in a collared dress with her short blonde hair, staring at me. Then she vanished.
  8. And I never saw her again
  9. ~