It is violently pouring rain in parts of LA today and our power just went out!! (gasps and screams in Valley Girl)
  1. Make a collage!
    Grab old magazines, newspapers, pictures, scissors and glue and cut & paste away! I like to mix different medias together and draw some things and print pictures out from the Internet (rookie mag has really beautiful collage sets.) But since we don't have power, we will have to wait till its sunny out again to print those. For now, take random clipping things from the house- you'd be surprised how great miscellaneous things like receipts & letters look when mixed w/ other things in collages.
  2. Pick a book of your own to lend to someone!
    My favorite gifts are always books that people give me. It feels so personable and thoughtful and almost like a secret between me, the person who gifted it to me, and the author. This feeling is even more special and sentimental when you lend someone a book you already owned and have already read! I am lending "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" to an eight year old boy I work with, partly selfishly, because I want it to mean as much to him as it does to me.
  3. If you have a camera of any sort, take pictures!
    You can do this inside or outside (if you are careful to not get your camera wet.) If you have another person in the house with you, ask them if you can take pictures of them. If you don't and/or you don't want to take pictures of any human in general- try taking some of things in your house! These are a lot more interesting than you think- it's really cool to see what makes a persons home/ room truly theirs.
  4. Make a playlist for a certain mood or aesthetic!
    I have a playlist titled "Femme Fatale" on my phone that is only consisted of bands or singers that have a female lead. Right now, I am really into girls being angry/sad/angsty/Fed Up With Boyz in a song- so I'm sticking mainly to old Britney, early Gwen Stefani, Cherry Glazerr, and Destiny's Child.
  5. Read old diary entries!
    This is so so so special/ sad/ happy. I have been keeping a journal since I was eight, and to see my hand writing at that age and my thoughts is really interesting- because what I am writing about now and what I was writing about then are not that different- just now my handwritings neater and I use bigger words.
  6. Put on an album you've never listened to!
    Or one that you have listened to but haven't really, truly, ~heard~. It's cool to see how lyrics you have hummed and sang have a different meaning when you have no internet and no other distraction. And it's also cool to see now some lyrics mean completely different things in different situations.
  7. Write down motivational stuff and put it on a wall or something!
    It sounds cheesy but IT WORKS. I have My Wall in my closet, and it's filled with short posi sayings/ coloring pages and also a really great Bill Murray quote! Here is a terrible picture of a fraction of My Wall because our only source of light is from flashlights- but it's still magical and helps me wake up in the morning!
  8. Write a real life tangible paper letter to someone!
    This can be to anyone- your grandmother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or your biggest idol! Receiving and writing a real letter makes your stomach have butterflies. I can't remember an email or text I got ten minutes ago, but I do remember the real life letter my best friend wrote me on Christmas.
  9. Write a letter to yourself to open in the ~future~!
    I have letters I wrote to myself when I was eight, about how badly all I wanted to do was act and perform for people. It's really crazy to read that now, and be doing it professionally. Every time I think I like, hate acting, I think of that and my thoughts are reversed.
  10. Please suggest anything at all!! 🤗