1. Nail art
    Gives me the creeps
  2. Acapella group
    Usually bad, always uncomphy
  3. The word "tasty"
    And the word "decadent," when used unironically
  4. Red velvet cake
    One word: unnatural
  5. Toe socks
    *vomit emoji*
  6. Granola bars
    Again, unnatural
  7. Pedicures
    Strangers touching my feet no thank you
  8. Cream soda
    You know why (*cough* *cough* unnatural)
  9. Book jackets
  10. Other people's grandparents
    They are never as cute as your own
  11. Pet rodents
    You give them food and water and shelter all they give you in return is poop
  12. The font "Papyrus"
    Talk about cringy
  13. Bath and Body Works
    Smells like my nightmares
  14. Starbucks locations inside of grocery stores
    They seems unsanitary and awkward
  15. Indoor Malls
    make me feel like I'm a character in a bad Disney Channel show
  16. Promposals
    If someone promposed to me in high school I definitely would have said no
  17. Burritos
    Why cant they just be tacos
  18. Hotel hallway carpeting