My top 6 Snaps of All Time

I have been a photographer for 8 years now. The following is a list of my all time favorite photographs that I have taken. These have been edited in Lightroom but not faked or extensively photoshopped. I try to make my images turn out as close to reality as possible. Hope you enjoy!
  1. Sunset over Sturgeon Bay
    This was the most electric sunset I have ever witnessed firsthand - it turned the whole sky and the whole bay bright coral-orange.
  2. Kayaks at Niantic Bay
    We vacationed here a few years back and the golden hour was so peaceful this day I ran out to capture it.
  3. Pink sky after the Snow
    As a family, we ventured out in a snow squall, against our better judgement. The snow stopped just before sunset, and we found ourselves on the back roads of Redding, CT. The sky turned a pale pastel pink, lighting up the fresh snow in the most tranquil scene I have ever witnessed.
  4. Railroad Museum
    This amazing old engine is sitting at the old train station in Danbury, CT. I adore the contrast of the peeling turquoise paint with the orange rust.
  5. Enders Falls
    We frolicked here for an afternoon recently. While the kids explored the streambed with bare feet, J and I relaxed with the baby and took in the sights.
  6. Mid-Jump
    My sweet middle child, just being herself. =)