Besides every single one of them
  1. "Everything is legal in New Jersey."
  2. "Uh-oh! You made the wrong sucker a cuckold. So time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled."
    Sassy as hell
  3. "Awesome! Wow!"
    Done in a patronizing American accent
  4. "It said, 'My dearest, Angelica.' With a comma after dearest. You've written, 'My dearest...Angelica.'"
    Yes girl, the comma DOES change the meaning and I bet he DID intend it
  5. "Eliiiiiizaaaaa!"
    Gets me everytime
  6. "You must be out of your GODDAMN mind!"
  7. "Southern mother fucking democratic republicans!"
    So much anger
  8. "Piss off, I'm watching this show now."
  9. "One week later I'm writing a letter nightly. Now my life gets better every letter that you write me."
  10. "Then you walked in and my heart went BOOM!"
  11. "I'm not here for you."