She's the best.
  1. What size sports bra do I wear?
  2. What's my social security number?
  3. Do I put a 1 or a 0 here on my W4?
  4. What's my waist measurement?
    "27.5 inches."
  5. When was the last time I went to the doctor?
  6. Should I keep this job?
  7. Is this a good price for this apartment?
  8. Do I look professional enough for this interview?
    "Yes, sweetie, I'm praying for you."
  9. Will you edit my cover letter?
  10. Why isn't my laptop charging?
    Insert IT answer I immediately forgot once the problem was solved here
  11. Why isn't my laptop turning on?
  12. Should I get a new laptop?
  13. Will you buy this coat for me?
  14. Should I keep dating this boy?
    "Yes." The answer is almost always yes.
  15. Are we going to be okay now that Trump was elected president?
    "Yes. I love you."
  16. Will I need to work twice as hard to receive half as much in my career like Hillary?
    "I hope not. Maybe. I love you."
  17. Why is being a woman so hard?
    "I don't know."
  18. Is my period normal?
  19. Are these hives or a rash?
    "Hives. Stop using that detergent."
  20. Do you think I'm dying?
  21. Will you make me this dish when I'm home again?
  22. Does my hair look dry?
    "Kind of. Use this."