As requested by one of the primary sources of my laughter, @meghancooking
  1. Little children cussing
  2. Poop/fart jokes
    The more immature, the better 💩
  3. When Colin Jost does this
  4. That video of the man trying to shovel snow but slowly falling down for like, five minutes
  5. Watching my best friend interact with new people
    She's so damn sarcastic and awkard and perfect, people just don't get it
  6. Watching my best friend flirt
    She once flirtatiously asked a guy to write a poem about her thumbs
  7. That embarrassed look on dogs' faces when they're pooping and you make eye contact
    They deserve privacy, but it's just too good
  8. Babies laughing
    They think EVERYTHING is the most hilarious thing in the world. It's a great way to live
  9. That scene in 30 Rock when Liz Lemon yells, "You'll all have chins!!"
    And also every other scene in 30 Rock
  10. When Ilana sings the "I shit" song in Broad City whilst shitting