Or Do... Cause you know it's all BS anyway
  1. Step on a crack
    Go ahead break your mommas back
  2. Walk under a ladder
  3. Pick up a bad penny
    If it's tails up its bad?
  4. Let a black cat cross you
    What if you own a black cat?
  5. Sweep your feet
    Go to jail?
  6. A goldfish in the house brings bad luck
    Really? I mean really?
  7. Don't answer a witches question today cause she can take your first born
    How many Moms are like... Where the witch at?
  8. Don't exit the house by a different door than entered
  9. Don't go breaking mirrors
    7 years bad luck
  10. Don't play with fire today or you'll pee the bed tonight
    Someone said this to me yesterday ... Googled it and it's a thing
  11. Don't rock an empty rocking chair
    It's bad luck
  12. Don't put new shoes on the bed or table
    Bad luck
  13. Don't sleep on a table
    Cause apparently it's also bad luck and murder on the back.