Happiness is an option, a choice to be made everyday
  1. Family
    Cause even if they annoy the hell out of me. You know I love them and they love me
  2. Picnics in bed with my love
    Sushi and cocktails and a good TV show in our big comfy bed on Sunday's to ease back into Monday
  3. Just going for walks or sitting with my husband and laughing at the ridiculousness of life.
  4. Spending the day fishing on the lake
  5. Long road trips with my family
    Even if my kids are complaining (cause what annoys them today with warm their heart when we are gone.
  6. Going through old boxes of photos and remembering people and times gone by.
  7. Looking up and around and realizing how beautiful this world really is.
  8. A good shampoo my a trained professional
    Hair-gasims are real (also applies to pedicures massages and mani's !)
  9. Breathing ...
    I mean a good deep breath that cleanses the soul shakes off your doubts and clears the mind