Mr Moon came into my family when I was 6 & he died yesterday at age 18. He was a member of my family &, in that way that pets tend to choose a favorite human, Mooey chose me. I have been dreading his death since I 1st understood the concept. It is more the mark of the end of my childhood than any birthday or graduation. I will miss most:
  1. His physical presence
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    Mooey had a way of sensing emotion and prescribing the necessary cuddle. When I was 12 and 7th graders were being their EVIL SELVES he would lie on my back or my stomach or my face - suffocating me until I paid attention to him so he could telepathize the message 'WHO CARES ROZZI! THOSE GIRLS ARE GONNA RUE THE DAY THEY WERE MEAN TO YOU!' He was also very wise, clearly. He was witness, often the only witness, to all my emotions from 1st grade until I left for college & the cuddles were lifesaving
  2. His appreciation of music
    One of the ways we knew Mooey 'chose' me was by our joint morning ritual. Growing up, I would get ready for school with my door closed and my CD player loud. Always a fan of female vocalists and always a girl with girly taste I listened to 'girly' music (The Supremes, The Dixie Chicks, Fleetwood Mac, J-Lo). Every morning, minutes after I turned the music on, I would see Mooey's paw reaching under the door. I would let him in. We'd hang out. I'd dream of being a pop star and he was fully into it.
  3. His blinking
    He literally blinked a lot in this very specific way. Really really cute as you can imagine.
  4. The public opinion on our relationship
    My obsession with Mr Moon was a running joke among friends because it was verging on absurd. My best friend & I almost ended our friendship because I said I would rather a random human I didn't know die instead of my cat. (Super controversial sorry!!) I realized today that, while every substantial friend I've made since I was 6 learned & understood my relationship with Mooey, no one I meet from now on will. Also, no one can make fun of it anymore b/c everyone will be afraid they'll make me cry.
  5. The way he united my family
    My family doesn't always agree on everything but we never disagree on Mooey. He is something we all have in common and something we all can agree is GREAT. In fact, the only thing that got both my brother & me to fly home at the same time, other than Thanksgiving, was the phone call that it was time to say goodbye to Mooey. He has been the topic of conversation more than I'd like to admit and now we're gonna have to talk about ourselves and the world and each other, ugh.
  6. The feeling that everything is gonna be OK
    Maybe it's because he represents my childhood & my family. Maybe it's how he fully embodied the word COZY just by being fat & furry & mushy. But for whatever reason, the concept of Mooey alone always soothed me. He was the thought I went to to distract myself from thoughts that didn't serve me. He was the reminder that simple things matter. & he was kinda the most enlightened being ever. He lived in the present & he expressed love constantly & he always reminded me that I am very very lucky.