1. Honeycut
    When I go here, I like to imagine that I was born after a nuclear holocaust and have lived underground my entire life in an interconnected system of bunkers with the rest of humanity. The ceiling is oppressively low. The neon lighting is dim and vaguely unnerving. There's a small dance floor where I once saw a middle-aged couple grind for four hours.
  2. The bar at the Miyako Hotel
    Across the street from overrated Daikokuya and underrated Monzo, this bar is okay. It's small and difficult to find (2nd floor). No one is ever there. There's a small tv hooked up to a microphone--ostensibly for karaoke but, again, no one is there to use it.
  3. EightyTwo
    A barcade that smells okay for now. I've noticed some cute women here, presumably hoping to meet-cute with some off-the-radar hottie over a flirty-competitive match of Street Fighter II. This will never happen: the type of guy who goes here sucks and would just keep throwing hadokens at you until you die.
  4. The Varnish/The Edison
    These bars are lame, and recommending them lowers your cred.