I've encountered ~3 semi famous people so I'm gonna share
  1. Penn Badgley
    I was walking down the street in Williamsburg when my metrocard fell out of my pocket. When I turned around, Penn Badgley was holding it out for me. I said thank you and walked away.
  2. Andrew Garfield
    I saw Death of a Salesman and waited afterwards so he could sign my program. My greatest regret is not waiting for Philip Seymour Hoffman.
  3. Heather Lind
    Actress on Turn. Shes barely famous but she was in a Greta Gerwig movie. She's my cousin's girlfriend. One time we got wine drunk together.
  4. Fran Kranz
    He was in Dollhouse and in Death of a Salesman. I told him I loved Dollhouse, he asked me if I'd seen Cabin in the Woods yet. I said no.