Just some.
  1. Stop Talking
  2. That's the Punchline
  3. The Rat
    You know and I know that I can't not mention this.
  4. Little House of Savages
  5. Hang On Siobhan
  6. Thinking of a Dream I Had
  7. Louisiana
  8. Emma, Get Me A Lemon
  9. All Hands and the Cook
  10. Lost In Boston
  11. Another One Goes By
    Technically, this is a Mazarin cover, but the second the bass kicks in the Walkmen own this one.
  12. On the Water
  13. In the New Year
  14. Canadian Girl
  15. The Blue Route
  16. I Lost You
  17. Angela Surf City
  18. Stranded
    Jesus fuck, this song
  19. Victory
  20. Woe Is Me
  21. Lisbon
  22. Heartbreaker
  23. Line By Line
  24. Song for Leigh
  25. Heaven
  26. Dreamboat