1. Tim Hecker - Ravedeath 1972
    Especially the closer, "In the Air III"
  2. Windy & Carl - "Lighthouse"
    Off of their phenomenal album, Drawing of Sound
  3. Stephan Mathieu - Before Nostromo
  4. Xiu Xiu vs. Grouper - "Sea"
    From their sparse, excellent collaborative EP, Creepshow
  5. Mark Lanegan - "Flatlands" and "I'm Not the Loving Kind"
    Originally by Chelsea Wolfe and John Cale, respectively. From his covers record, Imitations
  6. Marissa Nadler and Chelsea Wolfe
    Just, like, in general.
  7. Yellow Swans - At All Ends + Going Places
    Their final two studio recordings, each immaculate and painful and cathartic.
  8. Björk - "All Is Full of Love"
    I mean, all isn't, but sometimes you have to lie to yourself.