No Jacket Required
  1. That Production
    It's the quintessence of 80's pop production, crystalline, perfect. Those compressed drums, that flanged guitar, all of the crisp horn blasts. It's unassailable.
  2. Those Songs
    Trite? At times. Shallow? Maybe. Laser-guided missiles of pure pop bliss aimed straight at the aural pleasure centers of the human brain? Every. Single. One.
  3. These Singles
    "Sussudio" - Iconic. "One More Night" - Beautiful. "Don't Lose My Number" - Driving. "Take Me Home" - Perfect, wrenching, a god damn monster of a single. You've got nothing on this guy, and neither does anyone else from the 80's (his fellow icons excepted).
  4. The Conclusion
    This record is untouchable, case closed.