My birthday just passed which means I went on a quick trip for the weekend to one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. The Bay Area is one of my favorite cities for many reasons and one being is the weather. It's always really nice out there and if I could pick one city to live in, it would be this one.
  1. We may have walked many miles to get to this spot and probably waited an hour before getting on top of this little roof but it was well worth it, now do you guys know why this city is my favorite?
  2. The photos MAY be nice, but when you're right here standing it's even better, of course.
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention... The fog in the bay is incredible and that is also another reason why San Francisco is my favorite city.
  4. I've never taken photos of 'nature' before so this was my first time (give me a break) I enjoyed it though, I need to go back ASAP!
  5. Twin Peaks, such an insane view of the city. I definitely recommend it if you're ever visiting San Francisco. Visit near sunset because watching the lights and everything turn from bright to dark is unexplainable.
  6. I do enjoy sticking my camera out the car window and firing away in hopes of looking at shots that I attempted and coming out with something nice, ha.
  7. San Francisco light, surreal.