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I miss those days. I was a pretty weird kid.
  1. Collecting cool rocks, stones, and fossils
  2. Collecting bugs - rollie pollies, lightning bugs, spiders, grasshoppers, lady bugs, butterflies, ants, snails, frogs, etc.
  3. Reading
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I'm not doing so great in life at the moment guys...
  1. Drug/Alcohol Addiction
    This has taken over my life and I'm at the point where I REALLY want to be clean and sober but I'm hitting a wall. I'm utterly powerless over my obsessions. It's so hard, I have to basically relearn how to live and rewire my brain.
  2. Depression/Anxiety
    My whole life I've struggled with these two and I've been using drugs + alcohol to deal with them.
  3. Loneliness
    I'm an introvert. But I still need/crave human connection and I desperately want to belong and "fit-in" somewhere. My addiction has left me even more isolated and alone and it sucks.
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