Ayo, thank you for this idea! It has been an absolute pleasure to make and I hope to add more.
  1. Beets
    Wow. Not only would these root vegetables help keep me grounded (ayyyye gottem) but they're so beautiful! I'm a lil superficial, what can I say?
  2. Rye bread
    This bread is kind of gross yet delicious at the same time. It's clear it's sort of edgy and mean but I like people who are kinda cynical yet scrumptious and this bread really embodies all of this.
  3. Maple yogurt
    This smooth and creamy delicacy is like that incredibly kind gardener/librarian I will one day date and corrupt
  4. Dark chocolate covered cranberries
    The rich exterior texture and flavor with the wrinkled, bitter yet sweet inside to symbolize a heart. As I'm writing this out I'm realizing I just might embody this food. And sometimes I really do just want to date myself so this is perfect.
  5. Seaweed
    So salty! Would always be giving me shit but in a hilarious and loving way. I can just tell!