As I enter the beast that is finals, this list seems incredibly relevant and necessary.
  1. Good lighting: we're talking big windows with a view of something nice
  2. Comfortable chairs: if you give me a stool to sit on or something without good back support I swear to god....
  3. Light background noises, ideally the sounds of people on first dates or the sound of cafe drinks being made
  4. Access to snacks: I'll even take a nearby vending machine but ideally pastries and caffeinated drinks will be just a few steps away/a few doors down
  5. It needs to be an appropriate place for me to laugh and/or cry
  6. More available outlets than I could ever need
  7. It's filled with people who find me incredibly attractive to the point that I can't get any work done because people are too busy coming up to me and giving me their number
  8. A place where the above situation happens in a very progressive and respectful and feminist way
  9. A place where the above situation doesn't need to happen because i am secure in myself and also IN LOVE with myself and my life
  10. The study spot will also have free samples. Of what you ask? Who knows. As long as they're free, I'm diggity down.
  11. A place where I will be productive and actually get things done. It is unclear if any of the things listed above have a positive/negative correlation to my rate of productivity.