I think @norita just might cut off my nipples if I don't post a list soon so here is the story of the time the Silverwomen+Michael (dad) went to a local US territory
  1. One of my family's major points of stress is traveling through airports. My dad has a hard time speaking to us before we make it through security. Meanwhile, everyone else is just tryna not upset him. This picture captures my dad's stress, my mom looking unusually friendly, Julia's angst and Rachel's joy. A great way to start the trip!'
  2. The view from our dang apartment!! Did you know that you can just "surf the web" and find amazing places just like this to live in for as many days as you want? I love that. Anyways, this is Rincon. Very beautiful!
  3. I took this picture whilst waiting for our reservation at what would end up being one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at. Have you ever had tuna on top of a delicious coconut curry rice? No, you say? Well then come on down to Copa Llena in Rincon!
  4. My mom's favorite child is Rachel and here they are, enjoying the sunset together like the lovebirds that they are.
  5. Honestly the composition of this picture is quite good, if I do say so myself. The colors, the lighting, what it represents, etc. But honestly, every time I laid down on this hammock I felt so lucky(on so many levels) to be able to do it and needed to capture that.
  6. A lot of drives were spent in a crowded back seat. A lot of farts (NONE BY ME EVER) were passed by those two knuckleheads. However, as sisters we comedically thrive in small spaces so this was good for us.
  7. Ooooof! Now we're in San Juan, the capital! This is our hotel room that has a view of the beach. It's dark yet light, perhaps a metaphor for life? #justsayin'
  8. AYYYE turn up for New Year's Eve! Our hotel had a huge raged that lasted until 2:30 in the morning and even involved building (i didn't build it personally) a stage over the pool and this gives some sense of the jubilance of the night. It was also our last night!
  9. Me and rach, back in the good ol continental US. Feeling lucky all around.