Beth is driving @friedegg and me back to Smith right now. Here are some tidbits from the car.
  1. I'm too dainty to set off the seat belt warning.
  2. Do you use the website "16 handles?"
  3. So far so good on traffic
  4. That was really 'Abba' of you
  5. I never think about the sun in that way
  6. We never want to eat raw almonds but whenever we do, we like them
  7. It wasn't Robert, unless he aged really interestingly
  8. Unsafe, cautious driving....which I definitely am guilty of a lot
  9. Beth, could you imagine a universe in which you went to smith?
  10. I can't imagine going super out of my way to see them. I mean, I'd go a little out of my way. Just not a lot.
  11. Kirsten is the name of someone who's a necessary member of any girl's squad
  12. Is rugby the top of oberlin's social pyramid?
  13. Have you heard of "norm core"?
  14. "I took this really cool post-feminist gov class"-Beth imitating people at Oberlin
  15. Do they wanna be, like, documentarians or something?
  16. "I'm a little worried about the non-profit industrial complex"-Beth imitating Oberlin people pt. II
  17. A hunna percent
  18. I was too was scary.
  19. I wish I knew more about oil and prices and stuff like that...because I don't think there's MORE oil...
  20. Someone who's trying so hard to be quirky that they come all the way back around to being normal
  21. Why do people insist on calling themselves "future cat ladies"?
  22. Miranda's definitely going to comment on this list something like "AHHHH, IM SO JEALOUS I WANNA BE IN THAT CAR"
  23. You can feel free not to laugh
  24. I love vulnerability-Beth, in reference to listening to "marvin's room" by Drake
  25. This is the kind of song I think I'm really good at dancing to when I'm drunk