I like walking, and here are some walks I love in my city. Tell me more.
  1. Miami Beach
    If you like beach walks we have plenty of sand. I've walked everywhere from Haulover to South Pointe, just not all at once. I like to take out-of-towners on walks from wherever we had lunch or dinner on South Beach down to South Pointe Park. Be sure to admire our quirky lifeguard stands.
  2. Wynwood
    Start on 2nd Ave and 29th St and walk up and down the blocks through 22nd or so to admire some of the best street art anywhere.
  3. Coconut Grove
    I like to start at Kennedy Park and then walk up Bayshore to Macfarlane and over on Main to the Barnacle. I stay on the water as much as possible during this walk to enjoy the bay and the sailboats.
  4. Morningside
    I usually start at the park, walk around there to look at Biscayne Bay, and then wind through the neighborhood to admire the historic houses and big Banyans. Great neighborhood.
  5. Larry and Penny Thompson Park
    This is my every day walk near my house. I walk up the Black Creek Trail from 200th, north of 184th and into the park by the Army reserve base. Swing around the lake and back down 127th. It's a beautiful walk through the pine rocklands and I tend to see lots of birds.