Here is my list of things that make me happy. (Always adding more)
  1. Sweet potato fries
  2. Sleeping until you naturally wake up
  3. Driving north on 86th St. and crossing over the bump in the road at the Hickman Ave. intersection
  4. Going to mass at my home church
  5. Jumping on trampolines large enough to not worry about being too close to the edge
  6. Seeing the stars on a clear night at the Grand Canyon
    You can literally see the sky like a dome because there aren't trees or buildings blocking the line of sight near the ground. Amazing.
  7. Sliding down slides
  8. Swinging on swings
  9. Greeting friends at the airport
  10. When friends give you religious gifts like a new rosary, bible, prayer journal, etc.
  11. Good puns
  12. Poems by Sarah Kay
  13. Looking back on things and seeing how they made you stronger
  14. When your cheeks hurt from smiling so much
  15. When your abs hurt from laughing so mich
  16. Holding hands with someone while they're driving
  17. Giving a gift you KNOW the person will love
  18. Playing with kids
    Especially little girls who look up to you.
  19. Learning how to play a new game and it turns out you're good at it
  20. Praying when you catch yourself being worried
  21. Finishing a drawing you're proud of
  22. Little spoon
  23. Getting a handwritten letter in the mail
  24. The satisfaction of finishing a hard workout
  25. Finding a new song you love
  26. Sharing that song with someone that means a lot to you and they love it too
  27. Puppies in onesies
  28. Laughs that are contagious
  29. Inside jokes that last a long time
  30. When people remember things you mentioned briefly
  31. Genuine compliments
    Both giving and receiving
  32. Having a concert to look forward to
  33. Knowing someone you love loves you back
  34. Getting your henna tattoo perfectly right
  35. Finding a great parking spot when you're in a hurry