... And how I prefer to watch them
  1. Moonstruck: in the living room with my mom, under a blanket. (But since my mom is gone, in the living room with someone like my mom)
  2. In and Out: with anyone but ideally at a lake house with deep couches and gin and tonics.
  3. Ghostbusters: with my brothers, on the floor of the family room in the house we grew up in.
  4. Beaches: by myself, in my pajamas, with 3 boxes of Kleenex, a pan of brownies, and a fork.
  5. Almost Famous: living room, 5th date, popcorn.
  6. The 40 Year Old Virgin: with my friends and a roll of cookie dough.
  7. Bull Durham: 3 months into a relationship.
  8. The Big Lebowski: with anyone who doesn't recite it line for line.
  9. The Sound of Music: on cable right before Thanksgiving.
  10. The John Hughes Trilogy. Anywhere.
  11. Double Happiness: on a pile of pillows in my pajamas.