before I realized everyone else had discovered them as well
  1. Fun.
    I was really really excited in 2012 when I listened to Aim and Ignite on repeat for three months. Then I realized We Are Young, the biggest song of the year, was by the same band and felt like my secret obsession had been violated.
  2. The Script
    None of my friends were listening to them! Apparently, though, the rest of the world was.
  3. The Fray
    The Fray had had two top 10 albums released by the time I was listening to them. Maybe I shouldn't've bragged about the cool new band I was listening to.
  4. Plain White T's
    They were the opening band at a concert I went to! Obviously they were nobodies. I didn't quite grasp that they were formed before I was born until a bit later.
  5. Cage the Elephant
    Maybe alternative bands just always feel like you're the first one to listen to them, because that's surely what I thought.