I'd like to think of myself as a digital girl on-the-go but ... 🎤 these are a few of my (non-digital) favorite things 🎤
  1. Writing a letter 🖊
    Sometimes I send it and anxiously wait the days until my recipient gets it, and then wait for their response. I know I'm not going to get anything right away. There no indication to tell me if my message/letter has been read or delivered. This sounds like torture but I kind of like the excitement of not knowing. Brings appreciation to correspondences of those in the past. Other times I don't send the letter. This is why God made paper shredders. Way more therapeutic than a drunk text.
  2. Hugs/Spooning 👥
    No emoji nor app has replaced these types of interaction. Hugging yourself isn't as satisfying, and I'm not flexible enough to spoon myself.
  3. Eating 🐽
    Although I do press my cheek against food pics on my phone that tickle my fancy, it's not as satisfying as actually tasting the real food.
  4. Reading a Real Book 📖
    Although I am a podcast junkie, reading real words on paper allows me to slow down to reflect upon and/or question the content I'm ingesting. Also, it's a great way to learn spelling.
  5. Board games/ Jigsaw Puzzles 🎲
    I choose not to partake in many video games because I get motion sick really easily and because I want to be very careful not to add more time-sucks into my life but I will almost always say yes to this as an activity among friends. Yes, I am that monopoly asshole that will not let you quit.
  6. Sleep 🛌
    Especially when it is 6+ hours, uninterrupted, and allows me to wake up in the wee morning hours to be productive in the quiet that this time of day brings.