1. Sharing a Jameson Ginger with a Zebra
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    I was drunk at a wedding in Silverado, CA and he looked thirsty
  2. An upside down starfish
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    My friend's kid has no fear. What a badass!
  3. A basket of husky puppies someone brought to work.
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    The raccoon-eyed one was totally milk-drunk
  4. My dog #Georgie keeping my feet warm as I napped after work on a Friday night
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  5. Bentley the 20 year old pug
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    This cutie has his own set of wheels cus his hind legs don't work. His charm still does for sure though.
  6. #oldmanbabyfred fake panting so he can over drink water
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  7. #Georgie with a flower as delicate as he
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  8. My husband fell in love with this head-bobbin' pup.
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    Emmy sleeps and bobs her head at the same time
  9. This sweet kitty is greeting you into her sanctuary.
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