Most of the time it's not the picture itself that makes it special- it's the emotions encompassing it.
  1. My grandma patiently waiting as we finished stringing up LEDs on her to pose for holidays pictures. In some ways she is the most fearful person I know but there are times when she shines like the true badass she is.
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  2. We spent New Years Day at Venice Beach, walking around, taking in the sun and the the salty air. 2015 was a year of tremendous growth for us both, and this was the perfect way to usher in the new year. A fresh introduction.
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  3. It's quite awesome to have friends that run in several of the same circles you do. I love this silly photo of @match and I from Oct 2015. It had been months seen I had seen her but I love that we code, camp, climb, and go to free summer concerts together.
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  4. When your best friend looks dumber than you do. On this day, he made it clear that he was going to be leaving LA soon. He is one of my geographically farthest friends but remains one of the closest souls to me.
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  5. I love these girls and the drinks we had in these pineapples were never-ending
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  6. Bentley: The happiest 20 yr old pug ever. Watching him as an oldie really reminds of how beautiful aging can be even if it is not graceful.
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  7. My friends are brave and loving. This random stranger we met at a park was forcibly friendly to us and most of us didn't know how to react. My friends decided to just be human with him. This is them posing with him and his car after he had them sign the car with a permanent marker.
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  8. What's better than poutine for breakfast at Coachella? Having your two cute friends photobomb what was supposed to be your intimate picture with your one true love: fries.
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  9. Sometimes we have "living room slumber parties" so we can sleep with our dogs since we no longer allow them on the bed. It allows me to capture cute moments like this.
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  10. We found a lady DJ! We had to take a picture with her.
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  11. When you visit New York City and you see your cousin be the darling of her neighborhood. Carolyn is such a bright beam of light.
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  12. My husband surprised me with a "Coding cave"/patio garden for our 12 year anniversary. I was speechless.
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