Ongoing list of ways to be ever present
  1. Listen to your breathing to see if it needs to be deeper and slower.
  2. Check your posture.
    If it needs correction so you can be more alert and present, make the adjustments
  3. Acknowledge your distractions- name them.
    "Hey, inbox notification! I know you are there (or not there). You be you over there on my screen, and I'll be me, getting whatever task done at hand"
  4. Stop talking and just listen.
  5. Take your dog on a walk without headphones.
    If you can learn so much about being in the moment by observing you pup sniff bushes and the squint as he pees on it right after. So honest so cute.
  6. Making the decision to keep something or part with it.
    Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) says if it is not serving it's purpose to give you joy now as you hold it, respectfully part with it. You are making the decision for right at this moment- not living in the past nor stressing out about the future.