A backend developer arm wrestles with the front end. #workdammit
  1. $('#parentid').find('.childclass').show() | $('#parentid').find('.childclass').hide()
    This gave me the wrong styling on initial load but correct styling on refresh
  2. $('#parentid .childclass').show() | $('#parentid .childclass').hide()
    Had the same error was above but learned that separating the parent and chill identifiers with a space also worked in selecting the right child element
  3. $('#parentid .childclass').toggleClass('show hide', switch)
    Added a "hide" class to the html tag and tried this. DOES NOT WORK. Got this one off of Stack Overflow. Rails app no likely got misc errors not related to the pages I actually worked on. It is no longer on the jquery documentation page. Maybe deprecated?
  4. $('#parentid .childclass').removeClass('hide') | $('#parentid .childclass').addClass('hide')
    Kept the "hide" class on and this shit did not want to be hidden at all.
  5. $('#parentid .childclass').css('display', 'block') | $('#parentid .childclass').css('display', 'none')
    This one worked as I needed it to. It doesn't really match the style of hiding and showing that is already in the app, so I'm going to ask for opinions during the code review.