Women W Scratchy Voices of Coachella 2016 💋

Ladies of 2016 Coachella with the smokey vocals. Let me know if I've missed anyone with a smokey voice- I'd love to check her out.
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    Ellie Goulding
    "How are we still breathing? It's never for us to choose- I'll be the strength in you. Now I'm holding on. Myself was never enough for me"
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    "I just want to feel your lips against my skin. White sheets, bright lights, crooked teeth and the night life. You told me this is right where it begins. But your lips hang heavy underneath me, and I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me"
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    "If you want to train me like an animal, better keep your eye on my every move"
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    Alessia Cara
    "But you and I, we're Pioneers. We make our own rules- our own room, no bias here"
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    Carla Morrison
    "Fueron tan bellos encuentros, amarnos sin miedo, eres tu la noche y yo tu sueño, tu mi cuenta cuentos te olvidare lo juro, Lo siento"
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    "And let's be clear- I trust no one. You did not break me. I'm still fighting for peace"
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    Zella Day
    "Can we go back to the love we had? With a love so sweet it makes me sad"
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    "I could have stayed there but it wouldn't be fair to you. I could have faked it but I couldn't see it through"