1. Three Musketeers
    This is an atrocity committed in the good name of chocolate, filled with the hardened remains of the frothy leftover sugar mixture they scraped out of the gutters of the conveyor belts where other, better candy bars are made.
  2. Payday
    In 1955 a coalition of dentists came together in a secret cabal and conspired to create the most delicious, tooth destroying candy that isn't peanut brittle. And thus, they named it Payday.
  3. Circus Peanuts
    I'm not sure these even exist anymore. Surely by now someone has outlawed then for being utterly disgusting.
  4. Skittles
    These are perfectly fine, but every time you eat one, don't you wish you were eating m&ms instead? Don't lie.
  5. Candy corn