The answer is actually no but let's ponder
  1. Don't understand my taxes really--CHILD
  2. Actually hired someone (not my parents person) to do said confusing taxes this year --ADULT
  3. Have a pet that I care for very well--ADULT
  4. Bawled my eyes out to some random receptionist at the vet when he was sick and they couldn't find time to see him that day--CHILD
  5. Prefer drinking chilled Chardonnay to anything else --ADULT AS FUCK
  6. Am in a serious relationship for almost 5 years --ADULT
  7. My boyfriend is 25--CHILD
  8. I got heated about winning a crockpot in a white elephant party --ADULT AND CHILD AT THE SAME TIME
  9. I live alone but can't sleep for a week if there's a bug--CHILD
  10. I'm the only one in family who has a good relationship with everyone --ADULT
  11. I let my parents pay for my therapy -- CHILD (but also thanks mom and dad )