I'm not mad at it because it's afforded me a lot but sometimes I'm just like "REALLY?"
  1. Bring my cat? Sure!
    This happened for a cat food commercial and my cat was naturally horrified and ran in the corner. I got a callback but they told me not to bring the cat. There were actor cats (read: very old chill cats) at the callback.
  2. Dance in a bikini top? Sure!
    Also: sip lemonade in a bikini, perch on a rock like a mermaid in a bikini, pretend like you're getting out of a shower in a bikini. I never get these.
  3. Improvise a scene with someone who does not appear to have improv ability ? Yup!
  4. Kiss a stranger I think gave me mono? Sure!
  5. Tap a desk musically while ordering Mcdonald's. If I must!
    This one made me hate myself
  6. Look at your phone, then put it down and "have a thought." You said so!
    No specifics on said thought
  7. Answer some fun questions as yourself!
    Like: "What's he craziest thing you've done this year?" Ugh
  8. Hold someone's baby. You bet!
    Poor baby
  9. Sob
    Um no