Feels like a cruel joke.
  1. I'm in Hawaii with my boyfriend and his family. They are truly wonderful but at the same time you don't want to be complaining to parents who don't have to love you unconditionally
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    Bc you don't want them to talk about what a sick wet blanket you were when they plan the next trip
  2. I am lush who pictured myself drinking white wine with ice cubes in it this whole trip
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    Nope! But I'll eat all of this steak, Thanks
  3. On the upside I haven't incurred any skin damage?
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    Yup, Still pale
  4. When everyone does afternoon exercise activities you can opt out and nap
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    (While clutching a ukulele and a water bottle)
  5. Humid weather is not ideal sick weather
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  6. Real talk, I've forced myself to power through and not let it ruin this great trip, and it's amazing how much mind over matter works in that regard
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    I played tennis with an achey body and felt fine! Until I passed out after.