Aka girl crushes --this is such a superficial list I am sorry (ps ListApp users deemed ineligible for this list 😉) suggestions welcome !
  1. Lauren Bacall
    The OG
  2. Alicia Vikander
    I'm obsessed with this face. Bonus pts for being a wonderful actress. Needless to say, I'm a fan
  3. Lisa Bonet
    Wow wow wow. Her daughter is gorgeous too but it all started here. Also she's married to Khal Drogo so you know she's a lot of woman.
  4. Nicholas Hoult
    Had to put at least one guy on here to make sure I'm still straight
  5. Margot Robbie
    Such a bombshell and also really frickin good
  6. Imogen Poots
    May not have even seen her in anything but what a face
  7. Sade
    If you think she's hot listen to her music am I right
  8. Christy Turlington
    Elegant timeless and married to Ed Burns
  9. Fiona Apple
    So intense this one
  10. FKA Twigs
    A cool cat
  11. Anna Karina
    In 2015 see: Felicity Jones
  12. Kyle Chandler
    Suggested by   @EthanDawes