I love what I love and I want you to too!
  1. Everlane
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    The. Best. They sell men's and women's clothing staples direct to consumer and only online so they are much cheaper than their competitors. Alexander Wang-like tees for $25 etc
  2. UCB
    Want to go to shows/take classes anywhere else? I won't let you. Let me tell you why UCB is 💯and while I'm at it let me tell you whose classes are best. Ps promise to not only recommend my shows
  3. Classpass
    I will take any opportunity to explain why this is best workout membership! You can get so much variety and bang for your buck!
  4. Carousel Restaurant (Los Angeles)
    Looking for somewhere casual to have a group dinner that won't be a million $? I will always recommend this. Bonus pts it's BYOB
  5. Volkswagen
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    Oh you have a car? Let me tell you how much I love my new 2015 GTI (mine is Charcoal)
  6. Armani Makeup
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    My mom works for Armani so I'm close to working there...but even if I wasn't I would pimp out these products on the regs--special shoutout to the maestro lip line (matte lip gloss that's 👌)
  7. Netflix
    I still get one DVD w my subscription. Nuff said. This is more for when I was an OG subscriber w @chloewepper
  8. Stitchfix
    You fill out a profile of what type of clothes you like and your sizes, they send you a box of clothes, you keep what you like and send back the rest. NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH A HUMAN IN A CLOTHING STORE AGAIN. I feel like I'm basically their brand ambassador and they should give me free everything.
    Suggested by @mandi