Some things aren't worth the money. These aren't them.
  1. Vitamix
    Expensive but keeps paying for itself
  2. Electric toothbrush
    Can't believe I used to not have one
  3. Crockpot
    I wanted one of these so badly I almost shanked a bitch at a white elephant party w/ @NKraft @EthanDawes
  4. Clarisonic
    Do you want skin like a baby's bottom?
  5. Electric Blanket
    For those cold 50 degree nights in LA 😉😉😉😉😉
  6. Nice bras
    Do your ladies a favor
  7. Nice yoga mat
    I asked my mom for one for Christmas. She told me it was from Santa.
  8. Cute boyfriend
    @EthanDawes was expensive but so worth it
  9. Quality Socks
    It may seem strange to spend $10+ for a pair, but once your feet have experienced that comfort, there's no going back.
    Suggested by @Nicholas