A year ago I took the plunge and haven't looked back.
  1. Know what kind of red you want and bring a picture for gods sake. There's a lot of reds out there. Here are some reds I've liked. Side note--if anyone wants good red/general hair ideas I have so many pics saved it's a weird compulsion
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  2. Go a few shades more intense than you actually want because it will fade so fast. This was the first red I ever did and it was back to dishwater blonde in no time. Now when I dye it we just go R.A.F. (Red as fuck)
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  3. Speaking of fading, it will come out in the shower and look like you're bleeding to death. Don't be alarmed and don't use nice towels whatever you do.
  4. It will be extremely polarizing. It will be someone's favorite thing--or not. My parents casually try to get me to go back blonde on the regs.
  5. Actors edition: you'll be the "other choice." Like, they'll bring in one or two reds just in case they don't go blonde
  6. Other redheads will acknowledge you like you're part of a small club together (and you'll lie and tell them it's natural)
  7. Because of how quickly it fades you're going to become BFF w/ dry shampoo. @Lilysaltz has an extensive list available about this!
  8. If you're naturally blonde like me you gotta make those brows darker as a ging
  9. The more you dye it the more it will stick. So keep on keeping on!