Like I have to turn down the volume on my music and really focus. Please add so I can artfully avoid !
  1. Beverly Hills Traffic Circle
    Where Canon/Beverly/Crescent/Lomitas intersects at a multi-way stop. You may have to shank a bitch (read: lady with pearls in a white Benz) to get across said circle in a timely fashion
  2. Sunset blvd/ hollywood blvd/ hillhurst/ Virgil in Silverlake.
    A) there's a lot to look at--the Vista! Several cute coffee shops! Men on bikes with beards ! B) the lights are so confusing that sometimes people stop in the middle of the intersection. STRESS
  3. Silverlake Blvd/temple street/Beverly Blvd / Virgil
    I'm always turning left here and literally have to look in like 5 different lanes to check for oncoming traffic
  4. The 110-101-10
    Where you literally have to get over 4 lanes in a matter of moments.
  5. The exits on the 2 in Highland Park
    Cool I'll go from 70 MPH to the street in 15 feet, sure
  6. Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire Blvd
    The number of cars X the entitlement of the drivers in this area = Nothing good
    Suggested by @13spencer
  7. Lankershim / Vineland / Camarillo
    Because being in north hollywood wasn't stressful enough, there's this nightmare.
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  8. Sunset Blvd and La Cienega
    That's like a 90 degree angle and some of us drive stick shifts, buddy
    Suggested by @Caitlin
  9. Lankershim/Vineland/Clybourne in NoHo
    Suggested by @philgaimon
  10. Wild card: Any left turn without a light or stop sign.
    Suggested by @Lynnie
  11. Ventura and Laurel Canyon
    Suggested by @victorpalvarez