Let me know if you have the answers!
  1. How do I get abs?
    Am fairly certain this is just something you're born with. Like a dowry. I'm scared the answer is: stop eating candy, idiot.
  2. If you carpooled with a friend and they got a parking ticket are you supposed to split it?
    I think no, right? I am a v responsible parker. But still I understand both sides.
  3. Did I know that guy I recognized on the street or is he just an actor?
    Sometimes I confuse people on my TV with actual friends
  4. Do you tip AAA?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated
  5. How much to tip anyone in beauty i.e. Nail salon, hairstylists, waxers etc. I'm never sure and end up what I assume is grossly overtipping but that's okay
  6. What about tipping in foreign countries
    Whole other ballpark. Clearly tipping a big point of uncertainty for me.
  7. How many cups of coffee will take me over the edge
    Usually 3?
  8. Why are cops such bad drivers?
    Set an example 5-0!
  9. Will my family ever be the way I thought it was when I was a kid?
    Sorry to be real but this is one of the realities of getting older I'm finding out
  10. How do I not become a completely overwhelmed monster when I'm running late?
    I hate tardiness in myself and others