I'm not sure if this was requested as list of smoothies I enjoy making OR buying but here goes
  1. Coconut kale from Naturewell
    The best.
  2. Does naming all of my favorite smoothies make me seem so LA/like a tool? Whatever.
  3. Green Milk from Juice Served Here (have them make it as a smoothie) is great if you want something delicious and also to feel like you just drained your back acct
  4. Favorite Girl from Silverlake juice
    Not sure what's in it but a really good smoothie from an otherwise mediocre smoothie place
  5. I do one at home with Mango, coconut milk and cardamom. I got a vitamix and it's one of my favorite possessions. But that's for another list.
  6. Pineapple almond milk spinach and ginger another go to at home
  7. Also just spinach honey ginger and ice is great
  8. Tequila, ice and margarita mix
    Now we're talking
  9. Rita Hayworth from the Punchbowl is hands down the best I can't believe I forgot it !! @sophia have you been? Everything is 👌