Since this was requested w few guidelines I'm using it as a list for my favorite everyday/night mellow spots in LA
  1. Carousel
    The one on Hollywood blvd. It's BYOB and so good and so cheap. Also my #1 choice for big dinners bc there's nothing worse than a dinner for 16 people where everyone ends up paying a million dollars
  2. Osteria Mamma
    Again-- delicious, mellow, unpretentious
  3. Inaka
    I actually just went here for the first time but it was quiet and delicious and I drank twig tea
  4. Wat Dong Moon Lek
    Hands down best Pad See Ew. I order delivery from there an amount I'm not comfortable disclosing.
  5. Hirozen
    Always crowded but never packed; my favorite easy sushi spot. The amberjack and snapper are 👍👍👍
  6. Iroha Sushi
    I went to high school a block away which makes it sentimental but they also have several iterations of crispy rice (even something called "sushi pizza") AND they're open late what's not to love
  7. Mustard seed cafe
    I always want to eat here for lunch. Just a great neighborhood cafe I frequent an embarrassing amount
  8. Sage vegan
    For the nights when I want to pretend like I don't eat animals and instead want a bowl of tasty mushy things
  9. The Grill on the Alley
    Not that mellow for lunch but I go for dinner with my dad and it's the best. Also my dad is in his 80s and that's the main dinner crowd 👴👴👴ps hot tip get the chicken pot pie in a kids size
  10. Casita del Campo
    The best for margaritas on a weeknight JUST BECAUSE