This might be niche but where my LA natives at?!
  1. Dive
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    A restaurant that I always wanted to go to (and my parents never wanted to go to) in The Century City mall (now called Westfield) with a submarine theme. Basically the restaurant version of the submarine ride at Disneyland.
  2. Tower Records
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    I used to go with my mom and she would just blindly buy the top 10 CDs.
  3. Zen Zoo Tea
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    Before juice/boba was cool this place was holding it down in Brentwood. It was SO good and I truly miss it.
  4. Ed Debevic's
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    The place for birthday parties for kids ages 8-12. The waiters would dance on countertops and now that I think about it were probably all aspiring actors. I hope they're all famous now. Apparently these still exist in Chicago.
  5. The Avco
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    The theatre they have there now is called the iPic and I hear it's nice's called iPic
  6. Pixie Town / Beverly Hills Teen
    So OG I couldn't find a picture online. Where there is now an Intermix there was once a stupidly fancy store for kids clothes with a sister store for teens down the street
  7. Brentanos
    Bookstore in the Century city mall I can remember so so well. Also no photos available online
  8. Island's
    Beverly drive /BH great seasoned fries
    Suggested by @sophia
  9. Sammy's Shoes
    It was right next to my mom's office and I'd go look at shelltoe Adidas while waiting for her to drive me home
  10. Johnny Rockets
    Beverly drive ( a theme here is all walking distance sans car)
    Suggested by @sophia
  11. Book Star (Beverly Connection)
    I once bought 17 Sweet Valley High's in one swoop (it was my bday)
    Suggested by @sophia
  12. Baskin Robbins
    Best birthday cakes (canon drive)
    Suggested by @sophia
  13. Dutton's Books
    Canon drive! After an ice cream from Thrifty's you can also get a book!
    Suggested by @sophia
  14. Friends in the Sherman Oaks fashion square
    All the hottest styles for Tweens. Pants only came in bell bottoms.
    Suggested by @celesteballard
  15. Hard Rock Cafe at Beverly Center that had the car in it
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    Suggested by @mirandafreiberg
  16. Hollywood star lanes
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    Lebowski, video games, bowling.
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  17. Boogie's Diner
    [sorry I'm so late to this list, but I found it very moving] this was in the Westside Pavilion expansion, ground-floor of what then became Barnes & Noble. Essentially Ed Debevic's minus hammy waitstaff, plus overpriced branded clothing. I had a Boogie's letterman jacket.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx