1. Breaking Bad
    I binged too much at night and it was dark and got in my dreams
  2. An avocado in my fridge
    I ate half now I have to eat the other half or else I just wasted a dollar, jah feel?
  3. The Goldfinch
    It's almost comedic how long I've been reading this. I carry it everywhere too and it's so heavy. Almost there though!
  4. Friday Night Lights
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    I just didn't watch the last season. I don't know why. Side note I have a major crush on Kyle Chandler. Look at that guy!
  5. Writing a pilot about the behind the scenes of the red carpet loosely based on my mom
  6. The Hustler
    @EthanDawes and I started this and then left to get Indian food
  7. This week's episode of Empire
    Can't wait to see what happens with 🍪
  8. Figuring out my life
    But will that ever end ya know ??
  9. This list but oh well it's live !