I'm from here and I love it
  1. Sitting next to Andy Dick at lunch and like, not caring
  2. Places that should only be busy on weekends are always busy i.e. Equinox on a Tuesday at 11 am b/c ya know, actors
  3. Menu items like "I am humble"
    Still love this place
  4. If you see someone in a suit in Beverly Hills during lunch hour you know they are an agent
  5. Never not traffic
  6. Can't blame traffic for being late b/c it's just always a thing
  7. Going to high school w/ someone really famous' offspring and it's not a thing
  8. Seeing the waiter you had last night at an audition today
    Happened this week
  9. Best sushi in strip malls pretty much exclusively
  10. Uggs at 60 degrees
  11. Not seeing friends who live in Venice if you live in Silverlake and vice versa
    Sorry @harperdill 😉