Suggestions welcome !
  1. Freak and Geeks
    The best.
  2. Not Homeland
    It's like weird jazz with Carrie's audio?
  3. Friday Night Lights
    Great choice of 🌋in the 🌌for music
  4. Married...with Children
    Impossible to hear that song and not think of the show
  5. Transparent
    Makes me cry?
  6. Dexter
    Slick as hell
  7. Mary Tyler Moore show
  8. Not The Newsroom
    Kinda 😴credits for not a 😴show
  9. Game of Thrones
    Map of Westeros? Yes please
  10. Mad Men
    Because a show about ad men better have great credits
  11. True Blood
    I didn't even watch the show
  12. Jinx
    Is it good or have I just been watching it all week? Not positive.
  13. Sex and the City
  14. I haven't seen a lot of these suggestions but I trust you all:
  15. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Can't. Stop. Singing. Theme song.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  16. Fresh Prince
    I think 90% of America over the age of 20 knows it by heart, start to finish.
    Suggested by @jilianbream
  17. Six Feet Under
    My all time favorite intro. Unsettling and oddly comforting at the same time.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  18. Perfect Strangers
    Greatest song / visual combo of credits ever.
    Suggested by @doesntmattr
  19. True Detective
    Suggested by @BergerWorld
  20. Marco Polo
    The title character is the least interesting aspect of the show, but the ink animation and music in the opening are pretty lovely.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  21. Full House
    "Daddy is waiting to carryyyy you home" 🎶
    Suggested by @mwepper
  22. The Golden Girls
    Sure it's a clip show but it makes me cry but only the earlier unabridged song version.
    Suggested by @mwepper
  23. The Larry Sanders Show
    They didn't always use it, but when they did, it worked perfectly for both the show within the show and the show itself.
    Suggested by @samboyd
  24. The Affair
    Weird but the Fiona Apple song is haunting @chloewepper
    Suggested by @mwepper
    No real credits but MUSIC!
    Suggested by @mwepper
  26. Unfortunately The Cosby Show. But I don't want his deplorable actions to diminish Phylicia Rashad's excellent dancing skills in multiple Cosby openings.
    Suggested by @mwepper
  27. House of Cards
    Sexy smutty dark and dirty underbelly of Washington DC
    Suggested by @mwepper
  28. Pepper Ann
    Suggested by @ian
  29. Masters of Sex
    Suggested by @garrett
  30. Manhattan
    Suggested by @garrett
  31. The Americans
    Suggested by @garrett
  32. Parenthood
    Bob Dylan's Forever Young over nostalgic images of family and childhood? Check and check.
    Suggested by @garrett
  33. Big Love
    The first three seasons are weird, titles speaking (though I love them) but the fourth and fifth changed things up and it's beautiful
    Suggested by @garrett
  34. Twin Peaks
    Suggested by @videodrew
  35. Cowboy Bebop
    Amazing jazz with silhouetted characters smoking, running, and gunning.
    Suggested by @michael