Hope this endearing and doesn't seem braggy he's literally just 💯💯💯
  1. Often uses phrases like "believe you me," "not in a month of Sundays," and "when you got it you got it"
  2. He always orders martinis with olives on the side cause he wants it filled to the TOP OR ELSE
  3. His voice is so gravely it feels put on/like he smokes a pack a day but neither are true
  4. When he tells stories Bob is Bob Evans.
  5. He wore a brown velour suit with a baby blue shirt to the oscars in 1972
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    And then 10 years later married a woman who works for Armani
  6. Has a plaque on his desk of his own quote: "if you can't baffle them with brilliance, blind them with bullshit"
  7. Doesn't remember most people's names and calls everyone baby
  8. Married my mom in his 50s
  9. Had a totally different job path until his mid-30's and always tells me to be patient and enjoy the ride 💗