Because I like it at home first thing in the AM
  1. I was raised on drip coffee from a coffee maker. One day my trusty Krups coffee maker broke. I loved all the counter space without it. Since then I've tried:
  2. Aero Press
    I know it's simple but I constantly think I'm doing it wrong. Also someone saw it at my house and said it looked like a penis pump.
  3. Bodum French Press
    My current choice for hot and cold and minimal counter space.
  4. Am I missing other fun gadgets?!
  5. Chemex!
    Suggested by @josh
  6. cuisinart brew master
    The dopest
    Suggested by @natasha
  7. Nespresso
    I love Bodum French Press too, but sometimes I'm lazy.
    Suggested by @dev
  8. Drive up to Starbucks and say "venti pike place please"
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  9. Motherfucking TODDY COLD BREW
    Amazing iced coffee at home. If you request a list I will spill the beans all puns intended.
    Suggested by @celesteballard
  10. Pour over
    My favorite! Especially great when brewing for one. Easy to clean.
    Suggested by @katmills
  11. V60
    The pour over process is almost more enjoyable than drinking the coffee it produces.
    Suggested by @johndonmoyer