Technically there shouldn't be any bad words/you can always A to C anything BUT these are some unexciting/overdone ones:
  1. Food items
    Most common, and they usually illicit a scene w people eating
  2. Whatever the most recent holiday is
    Oh it's December and you suggested Christmas. Cool. So did someone last year.
  3. A boring adjective i.e. "Pretty"
    This happened last weekend
  4. A name
    Someone once just suggested "Colin." Not a specific Colin, just the name Colin.
  5. FYI if I ever blame a bad show on the suggestion it's bc i'm secretly aware I did badly
  6. Comedy or Improv
    Both have been suggest to me before in shows. It's not meta, it's not cleaver, it's a pain in the ass
    Suggested by @Waz
  7. Any political figure who's unpopular
    The IRL equivalent of posting an Andy Borowitz article
    Suggested by @Waz